In a famous song from the 1970s, the artists sang about how there are many different types of signs located everywhere. While there certainly are lots of different types of signs being utilized today, each type serves a particular purpose.

No matter what type of sign you may be looking for, you should be aware of the different basic functions that signs perform. By doing so, you may be able to gain new ideas that can help you to choose just the right sign. Presented here, are several distinct functions that different types of signs perform.

Encourage Potential Customers To Purchase Goods

One of the great things about outdoor signs is that they can encourage people to make spur-of-the-moment purchases. If you own a business and you’re holding a sale or special promotion, there’s nothing like an outdoor sign to inspire impulse purchases, which is why a lot of businesses buy banners.

Restaurant owners everywhere know that signs advertising their food items on A-Frame, or sandwich board signs can draw in hungry diners. For example, a man may be walking down the street at lunchtime, and in front of a restaurant he sees a sign advertising meatball subs. As he continues walking, the thought of a meatball sub becomes more appetizing, and within minutes the man is at the restaurant, ordering a meatball sub.

Wayfinding or Directional

Directional signs are used to help people to locate things both indoors and outdoors. Whether they’re being used to show people how to enter a restaurant parking lot, or where a certain office space is situated, these signs provide simple and easy-to-understand directions.

Sometimes, a business may be hard to see, or located off of a main road. By following arrow directional signs, people can easily find their way to the business. In buildings of all types, there are signs pointing to where the entrances, exits and restrooms are located.

At special events, there are usually directional signs pointing people to where they can park their vehicles, purchase tickets, and buy beverages and food.

Real estate agents also frequently use directional signs to lead potential home buyers to properties where they are holding open houses.

Announcing Presence and Establishing Name Recognition

For most types of businesses and organizations, it is very important that they have a sign in the front exterior that clearly announces its presence on some sort of vinyl banner.

While pedestrians should be able to see an elevated sign if they stand near the curb, the business name signs should be especially visible to drivers and passengers in vehicles that pass by the building.

The sign at a business that advertises its name is similar in nature to the title of a book. The larger and more distinctive the sign is, the more people will be able to view it.

Remind and/or Suggest to Customers of Other Items or Special Sales

Even though someone may have visited a business to purchase just one item, they might be prompted to purchase other items if they see signs that advertise things they are be interested in.

A woman might visit a store to buy a toaster, but while inside the store, she reads a sign that advertises 30 percent off the price of all clock radios in stock. After seeing that sign, the woman may realize that she really could use another clock radio, so she purchases one.

In addition to these sign functions, there are plenty of wall-mounted signs that are very effective at communicating any type of message.

As the song about signs so eloquently puts it, signs really are a big part of everyday life. Regardless of their size, signs help to make peoples’ lives simpler every day.